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Belter Phrases

A list of helpful Belter phrases.

Fo keng to im gut

Pleased to meet you, good to know you. (Literally, “to know you is good”.)

Keting to wanya?

What do you want?

Kowlting gonya gut

Everything is going to be OK.

Mi du ámolof to

I love you.

Milowda ta du im fo maliwala milowda

We did it for our kids.






Thanks. (informal)

Taki taki

Thank you (a little more formal)

She she taki taki

Thank you (most formal)

(Note she here is pronounced like “shay”, not “she”)

Im ta nating

Literally “It was nothing”, but also used for “you're welcome”

Tenye wa diye beref xush

Happy birthday (literally, “have a happy day of birth”)

Tenye wa yitim gut!

Happy New Year! (Literally, “Have a good new year.)

Wa koming gut!

Welcome! (Literally, “A good coming.”)

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