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Welcome to the Belter Wiki!

The Belter Wiki is a collaboratively edited knowledge base of the Belter language and culture from The Expanse book series and TV show created by James S.A. Corey. It aims to serve as a dictionary for the Belter language and as a guide to the Belter way of life. For more information on other parts of the fictional universe of The Expanse, please visit The Expanse Wiki.

The Belter Language

Belter is a creole language created by linguist Nick Farmer for the TV show. It is based on the more rudimentary version present in the books. Nick regularly creates new Belter words and posts the on his Twitter feed. In addition to this, Belter also includes a number of hand gestures, that stand in for a variety of body language such as nodding or a shrug. Belters, who wear space suits for significant amounts of their lives, came up with these to get around the fact that ordinary body language is unnoticeable in these situations.

A list of words currently in the wiki: Wordlist

A list of Belter phrases can be found here: Belter Phrases

Belter Culture

Belters have their own culture and physiological differences which have evolved from many different cultures living in low G environments. This has changed them to such an extend that they are instantly recognisable from “inner planet types” living on either Mars, Earth or Luna.

We need your help!

We just started out with this wiki and need your help making it the useful resource it should be. If you are passionate about The Expanse and about Belter, please help us out with creating content and maintaining the wiki. You can sign up using the link in the top right corner. If you need guidance, feel free to contact @belterwiki on Twitter.

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